The Real Cry of Syed Sheikh Al-Hady (2nd edition)

The Real Cry of Syed Sheikh Al-Hady (2nd edition)

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A study of the pioneer of Islamic reformism in Malaya. Syed Sheikh Al-Hady, a prominent ulama and controversial religious figure was deemed as one of Islamic reformer in Malay Peninsula. This books unveils his background, thoughts and contribution to the Malay society.

The call for the Malays to break away from their traditional mode of living and from being dependent on their tribal leaders, for they will be slaves to their masters that will lead to their continued state of oppression.

They should instead strive to modernize their society, their economy, and their educational system before they were left behind for good by the other races in the country. The lifestyle of the ruling elite to him was morally corrupt, decadent and unjust and confounded with the teaching methods of the conservative ulamā, the Muslim ummah had sunk to such an abysmal state.

Al-Hady, widely regarded as the Khalifa of the Kaum Muda (Islamic modernists), did not only focus his critics on the Malay feudal leaders and the conservative ulamā, but also on the British Imperialist.

Malaysian Sociological Research Institute. Paperback. 

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