The Isma'ilis: Their History and Doctrines

The Isma'ilis: Their History and Doctrines

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This authoritative book traces the history and doctrinal development of the Isma'ili movement from its origins to the present day, a period of twelve centuries. It is the first comprehensive synthesis of the scattered results of modern scholarship on the subject and it draws on numerous primary and secondary texts, and particularly a number of private Isma'ili manuscripts that have recently become available. All the major phases of Isma'ili history are covered.

From the pre-Fatimid period, Dr. Daftary conducts a detailed investigation through the Fatimid "golden age" and the troubled Musta'li-Tayyibi period up to the spiritual and physical strengths of Mizari Isma'ilism in Syria and Iran before the onslaught of the Mongols. The last part of the book discusses the modern developments of Isma'ilism, particularly in Iran and on the Indian subcontinent. For all students of Islamic and Middle Eastern history this volume will serve as the most definitive account yet of the history of the Isma'ilis and their movement.

Cambridge University Press. Paperback. Good condition

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