Tarjuman Ashwaq: A Collection of Mystical Odes

Tarjuman Ashwaq: A Collection of Mystical Odes

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Tarjuman al-Ashwaq, which can be translated as "Interpreter of Desires" or "Translation of Yearnings," is a collection of poems by the great Sufi mystic, philosopher, and poet Ibn Arabi. The poems in this collection are primarily love poems that express the yearning and longing of the soul for the Divine Beloved.

Compiled by Martin Lings, a renowned scholar of Sufism and the author of several influential works on the subject, this edition of Tarjuman al-Ashwaq includes a translation of the poems into English, as well as an introduction that provides context for the poems and their significance in the Sufi tradition.

In his introduction, Lings discusses the concept of Divine Love in Sufism and its importance in the spiritual path. He also explores the relationship between the lover and the Beloved in Ibn Arabi's poetry, as well as the role of the imagination and the heart in the mystical journey.

The poems themselves are written in a style that is both beautiful and complex, with layers of meaning that reveal themselves upon repeated readings. They express a range of emotions and states, from the ecstasy of union with the Beloved to the pain of separation and longing.

Overall, Tarjuman al-Ashwaq is a masterful collection of poetry that provides insight into the Sufi path and the experience of Divine Love. As compiled by Martin Lings, it offers a valuable resource for those interested in the mystical traditions of Islam and the poetry of Ibn Arabi.

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