Tales and Tradition from Sabah

Tales and Tradition from Sabah

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Old folk tales and stories are an important part of Sabah’s historical legacy. The folklore speaks of the immigration of the people across the state, and thus, begins by introducing us to a mystical place called Nunuk Ragang (Sabah’s Garden of Eden) which was situated in the core of Sabah.

A river ran through the heart of the place where children would play along the banks and climb the branches of a huge banyan tree. Like any other folk story, the people were all content and loved the way they lived. However, as time passed by and the people eventually multiplied, Nunuk Ragang started facing the problem of overpopulation.

Slowly, the people migrated across valley plains and highlands and settled down, therefore, bringing the story to an end stating how the people of Sabah spread throughout the land.


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