Impressions of the Malay Peninsula in Ancient Times

Impressions of the Malay Peninsula in Ancient Times

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Paul Wheatley was a professor at the University of Chicago who specialized in comparative urbanism and historical urban geography. If ever there was a contemporary scholar outside the field of religious studies itself who made a persuasive and elegant case for relating the study of religion to comparative worldviews and complex social processes, it was Paul Wheatley.

During the next seven years Wheatley traveled extensively in the Malay Peninsula, did field archaeology, expanded his linguistic abilities, taught courses at the university, and founded the Malayan Journal of Tropical Geography. He also made use of classical Greek, classical Malay, Arabic, and Chinese sources to prepare two works that served both as source books and as innovative interpretations of the historical geography of the region. These were The Golden Khersonese and Impressions of the Malay Peninsula in Ancient Times (Singapore, 1964)

Impressions of The Malay Peninsula in Ancient Times showcases the ancient port-cities on Southeast Asia, mainly in Malaya and Indonesia through manuscript records and travel journal by foreign voyagers. 

Eastern University Press. Hardback with dustjacket. Good condition

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