Hikayat Awang Sulong Merah Muda (1951)

Hikayat Awang Sulong Merah Muda (1951)

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Hikayat Awang Sulong Merah Muda is a traditional Malay literary work that was compiled and translated by R.O Winstedt, a prominent scholar and linguist in the field of Malay studies. The hikayat tells the story of a prince named Awang Sulong Merah Muda, who is the son of the Sultan of Johor.

The hikayat is written in the form of a narrative poem and follows Awang Sulong Merah Muda's journey from his birth to his ascension to the throne. Along the way, he faces various challenges and obstacles, including betrayal, war, and love. The hikayat is notable for its portrayal of traditional Malay values, such as loyalty, bravery, and respect for authority.

Winstedt's compilation of the hikayat was first published in 1915, and it remains an important work in the field of Malay literature.

A rare edition published by Malayan Publishing House. Malay Literature Series  no.5


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