A Literary History of Arabs (1st Edition)

A Literary History of Arabs (1st Edition)

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This book is one of the most authentic book for the study of the history of literature of Arabs. The author's hard work deals in the particular with the study of the literary history of the Arabs- the era of Pagan, Per-Islamic Arabic.

Poetry, manners, religion, Prophet Muhammad's, teachings, Quranic literature, Umayyad literature, Abbasid developed literature, Baghdad as great centre of knowledge & literature, Orthodoxy, Free thinking, Mysticism, Europe under Arabs, Mongol invasion and downfall of the Arabs.

In short the book is the study of the Arabic literature from Pagan Arabia to recent historical times, this volume covers the whole of the Arab world, including the Arab empires in Europe.

Ch. I Saba and Himyar 1
Ch. II The History and Legends of the Pagan Arabs 30
Ch. III Pre-Islamic Poetry, Manners, and Religion 71
Ch. IV The Prophet and the Koran 141
Ch. V The Orthodox Caliphate and the Umayyad Dynasty 181
Ch. VI The Caliphs of Baghdad 254
Ch. VII Poetry, Literature, and Science in the Abbasid Period 285
Ch. VIII Orthodoxy, Free-Thought, and Mysticism 365
Ch. IX The Arabs in Europe 405
Ch. X From the Mongol Invasion to the Present Day 442
Appendix 471
Bibliography 477
Index 487

Hardback. Dustjacket. Former library book with minimal stamping and markings.

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