A History of Pahang (W. Linehan)

A History of Pahang (W. Linehan)

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By W. Linehan
256pp. Size: 160x250mm. Hardcover

About the Author:

W.A. Linehan C.M.G., M.A., D. Litt., was born on 6 August 1892 at Whitechurch, County Cork, Ireland. The son of Senator Thomas Linehan, he received his early education at the Christian Brothers College from which he proceeded to University College, County Cork. Linehan was married to Mary O'Sullivan and had three sons. In 1916, Linehan joined the Malayan Civil Service as a Cadet and rose steadily up the ranks by the 1930s. In 1931, he was Assistant Adviser in Kelantan and in 1934, he was made Assistant Adviser at Johore. In 1937, Linehan was appointed Secretary to the British Resident of Perak and in 1938, appointed Director of Education, Straits Settlements and Adviser on Education for the Malay States. In that same year, Linehan added another feather in his cap when he was made President of the International Conference of Pre-Historians of the Far East.

During the Japanese Occupation, Linehan was interned in Singapore, first at Changi and later at Sime Road. In 1946, when the controversial Malayan Union scheme was floated, Linehan was its Constitutional Adviser. Linehan retired from the Civil Service in 1948 and on 19 January 1949, was re-employed as Director of Museums, Federation of Malaya, a post he held until 1951. In 1955, Linehan became Assistant Director of Research in oriental Languages at the University of Cambridge but the appointment was a short-lived one as he died on 19 October the same year.


Preface by Khoo Kay Kim
Introduction by W. Linehan

I. Prehistoric Pahang and the Aboriginal Tribes
II. The Pre-Malaccan People
III. The Malacca Rulers of Pahang to 1590 A.D.
IV. Sultan Abdul-Ghafur
V. Pahang the Province of the Bendaharas (Period 1699-1806)
VI. The Rule of Bendahara Ali (1806-1857)
VII. The Civil War (1857-1863)
VIII. The Selangor War
IX. Engku Muda Mansur. The Missions of Swettenham and Clifford. (1874-1887)
X. The British Agency
XI. Early Years of the Protectorate (1888-1891)
XII. Revolt of the Orang Kaya of Semantan

I. The Descent of the Early Sultans
II. The Family of the Bendaharas and Modern Sultans
III. The Principal Chiefs
IV. Selected Papers of Maharaja Perba
V. Ancient Graves
VI. Antiquities
VII. Extracts from Castanheda

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