Ibn Arabi Collection (Pre Order)

Ibn Arabi Collection (Pre Order)

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Mystic, philosopher, poet, sage, Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi (1165–1240) was one of the world’s great spiritual teachers.

Ibn Arabi was born in Murcia in Arab al-Andalus, and his writings had an immense impact throughout the Islamic world and beyond. The universal ideas underlying his thought are of immediate relevance today.

Bukuku Press is proud to announce that we are bringing Ibn Arabi's classic masterpiece written by world's foremost scholar of Ibn Arabi studies published by Islamic Text Society. In this collection, we include three great works on Ibn Arabi :

1. Voyage of No Return

Ibn Arabi: The Voyage of No Return traces the major events of Ibn Arabi’s life: his conversion to Sufism; his travels around Andalusia and the Maghreb; his meetings with the saints of his time; his journey to Mecca; and his travels in Egypt, Palestine, Mesopotamia, Anatolia and Syria. Through her detailed analysis of Ibn Arabi’s works and her profound understanding of his ideas, Dr. Claude Addas gives us comprehensive insight into the major doctrines of this most influential of Sufi masters. She also introduces the main disciples of Ibn Arabi down to the nineteenth century, and traces both his unequalled influence on the course of Sufism and the controversies that still surround him today.

2. The Seals of The Saint

In recent years a number of important studies have helped acquaint the Western reader with Ibn Arabi's metaphysics and this process is now greatly enhanced by the present volume in which Michael Chodkiewicz explores for the first time, the Master's 'hagiology' or teaching on sainthood. Founded on a careful analysis of the relevant texts, Chodkiewicz's work examines this essential aspect of Ibn Arabi's doctrine of sainthood, defining the nature and function of sainthood, while also specifying the criteria for a typology of saints based on the notion of prophetic inheritance.

3. Quest of Red Sulphur

Quest for the Red Sulphur: The Life of Ibn Arabi is undoubtedly a landmark in Ibn Arabi studies. Until the publication of this book, anyone who wanted to learn about the life of Ibn Arabi has had little choice of material to work from. This major study by Claude Addas is based on a detailed analysis of a whole range of Ibn Arabi's own writings as well as a vast amount of secondary literature in both Arabic and Persian. The result is the first-ever attempt to reconstruct what proves to have been a double itinerary: on the one hand, the journey that took Ibn Arabi from his native Andalusia to Damascus - and on the other hand, the 'Night Journey' which carried him along the paths of asceticism and prayer to the ultimate stage of revelation of his mystic quest. 

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