The May 13 Tragedy

The May 13 Tragedy

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May 13, 1969 will go down in our history as a day of national tragedy. On that day the very foundation of this Nation was shaken by racial disturbances whose violence far surpassed any we had known. It was only the firm and prompt action of the Government, together with the loyal support of the Armed Forces and the Police, which quickly brought the situation under control. Had it not been for the immediate preventive measures, there is no doubt that the whole country would have been plunged into a holocaust.

For some of us the tragedy has a direct and personal meaning. But the significance of that day does not, and should not be allowed to, escape anyone of us. On that day we were jolted into a sharp realisation that the racial problem in this country is a serious one and measures taken in the past to cope with it have not proved adequate.

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Year published: 2019
Pages: 96
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