Salam The Mousedeer (1938)
Salam The Mousedeer (1938)

Salam The Mousedeer (1938)

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Author: A. Hillman (“Orang Bukit”) and Walter W. Skeat, Barbara Shaw (illus)
Publisher: Macmillan & Co, London, 1938. First edition.

Enchanting stories with Salam’s adventures over fourteen evenings, including: “How Salam was shipwrecked, but made a Shark carry him ashore; How Salam crossed the river on a bridge of Crocodiles; How Salam jumped down the Tiger’s throat & How the Sea was first made.” Vintage children’s stories.

The co author, Walter W Skeat, was formerly of the Malay civil Service, and was also the author of ‘Malay Magic’.

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