Ghazali Shafie Memoir on the Formation of Malaysia

Ghazali Shafie Memoir on the Formation of Malaysia

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Books and articles on the subject of the formation of Malaysia abound. Some dwell on the significance and interpretations of events which have taken place. In this memoir, Ghazali Shafie decided to chronicle the way these matters should be narrated. He felt he owed future generations an obligation to put national historical matters in the correct, perspective.

This memoir provides students of history and diplomacy a text of great value. It is principally the story of the Tunku and his role in the formation of a country which Malaysians love dearly.

In the same way, Tun Abdul Razak played a very important role in steering the Inter-Governmental Committee (IGC); the body which eventually paved the way for the independence of Sarawak and Sabah, owes this illustrious son of the soil a huge debt of gratitude for his monumental contribution to the country for Ghazali, he can be content with the happy thought that he was extremely lucky to be entrusted by the late Tunku to actualise what he once regarded as an unreachable dream, liberating millions form vestigial colonialism.

Once in a while, history offers a person the rare opportunity for him to participate directly in the charting of its couse. The course of history has forcefully brought home the timelessness of “Bersatu Bertambah Mutu” (humans united, their value enhanced) and shared political power.

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