The Encyclopedia of the Chinese Overseas

The Encyclopedia of the Chinese Overseas

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The first of its kind, this book offers a panoramic view of past and present overseas Chinese communities worldwide. From their arrival as laborers in the British colonies to their emergence as a force in Indonesia, Chinese emigrants have carried the experiences of China to other continents and civilizations, in the process modifying and enriching them. The Encyclopedia of the Chinese Overseas reflects the diverse histories and traditions that produced this diaspora, as well as the rich and various transmutations it has produced in turn.

Arranged geographically and thematically, with country-by-country profiles of individual Chinese communities, the book includes sections on the regional and cultural origins of emigrant communities; the history and patterns of migration; social, familial, and business institutions; and interethnic relations.

An invaluable reference, it is as accessible as it is authoritative, highly readable from beginning to end. The engaging design employs boxed features, maps, graphs, tables, and a vast array of pictures to make complex material remarkably clear and vivid. A glossary identifies Chinese proper names and terms with their characters, while the bibliography gives full references to Chinese, English, French, and Spanish works.

Comprising signed articles by 50 noted scholars in Asia, North America, Europe (including Russia), Australia, and Africa, with a large advisory panel of eminent experts, the Encyclopedia is an unparalleled resource, providing an unprecedented view of one of the world's largest, oldest, and most varied cultures abroad.

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